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Category and grade of system

Guest Jack

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Hi, I am an electrical contractor that has been asked to test a fire alarm and emergency lighting system in a block of purpose built flats. The flats are purpose build, all have solid block walls, fire doors and concrete ceilings and floors. 

There is 3 storeys, ground, 1st and second floor each with 2 flats so 6 in total.

Most systems I have installed in similar flats have either been category L1, L2 or a mixed system. 

Hovever this building has got mains detectors on the communal area, one Firex detector on each floor rather than a fire alarm system.

Is this acceptable for the type of building, and if so how would you go about certifying it? 5839 pt6 certs refer to dwellings, and pt1 commercial. If I use a pt6 cert its the wrong certificate as it’s not a dwelling and pt1 mainly covers fire alarm panels which this building doesn’t have.

I have read this system may be acceptable but it’s not something I’m familiar with in this situation. 



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If it's purpose built flats then it wouldn't need the alarm in the first place and if it did need a full evacuate strategy for some reason and thus an alarm system these would be wholly inadequate.

As you would know BS5939-6 makes it clear that for Grade D systems there is no service requirement other than in sheltered housing or other systems where the detectors are linked to a telecare system, only monthly testing, so it doesn't need certifying for anything (in fact it should come out).

It's worrying that the Fire Risk Assessment hasn't highlighted this.

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