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Recessed electrical boxes - Communal area


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Hi all.

Numerous posts on the pages here ref ‘electrics’ in communal areas but just wanted to float this fairly basic one for opinion if I may as for some reason it keeps circling around in my head!?

2 x privately owned lease hold first floor flats. Communal area serves both flats via an entrance at ground floor, single flight of stairs to single landing, doors to flats either side of landing, the landing is the width of the staircase only. That’s it, the communal area could not be more simple in layout  

The flats are purpose built, 90’s, no AFD in communal area. FD to flats, albeit with a few defects and require replacement. 

In the wall on the landing however are 2 x recessed standard plastic electrical intake/meter boxes, consumer units are in the flats.

Electrics in the hallways consist of nothing more than 1 x light switch and 2 x wall mounted lights, therefore no EICR. I believe, to be confirmed, that flats have had EICR’s. 

The PBBF guide doesn’t ask for FR construction around distribution boards, it mentions protection from vandalism/combustibles only?

So guide says FR not needed, albeit it’s the electrical intakes and not distribution boards but boxes immediately on very small landing at 1m height from floor? No AFD as purpose built?

Any thoughts?

Many thanks in advance. 


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9 hours ago, AnthonyB said:

Plastic fuseboards or metal?

Hi AnthonyB,

Consumer units are in the respective flats.

Recessed cupboards house only the intake, main Seeboard fuse, meter and tails, and joint box which feeds off to the consumer unit.

It’s what you’d ordinarily expect to see externally in the outside building wall, as a gas meter box, not internally at the head of a staircase.  



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On 08/06/2023 at 07:50, DFire said:

Managed to reduce photo size and attach 82FC20AF-8760-4E1D-81DB-4302CE77F48F.thumb.jpeg.bf34a909d3159a2469181903ff912085.jpeg

I know this was posted a little while ago, wouldn't the cable penetrations into the flat require fire stopping too?

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