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Changed lock in internal door


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I needed to change the lock on one of the internal doors in my flat. It's an CF218 FD30 fire rated door, and the existing lock has been replaced with an assa abloy that has been assessed EN1634-1  for 60 minutes and one of their cylinders. Do you see any problem with the change?

Thank you

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Fire door \ fire door set certification includes all the door furniture including locks, handle, closers etc in addition to the door \ door and frame in the test environment. Any changes to the door set would in my view remove the "certification" that may have come with the door\ door and set by the manufacturer, even if the lock is to a specific standard because the new arrangements are not how the door was and performed during the tests to gain the certification.

I don't know the legal requirements regarding certification "certified fire doors" vs nominal fire doors and if ever certified doors are a must have or not, so someone else may be able to help on that bit.

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Having downloaded the certificate for your door set cf218 Vicaima ltd and read through it, It says any Ce marked lock latches & certifire approved as long as they have been installed with the intumescent protection as per manufacturers instructions. Your door is still valid and compliant. If you require the cert let me know. 

Regards George Drayton FDIS Inspector

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