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Guest Ian Greenhalgh

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Guest Ian Greenhalgh

I have a common part hall way providing access to 3 flats as the only means of escape.

I have had a fire risk assessment done and they have said an interlinked alarm is needed between the flats and the common parts. The flats currently have stand alone mains wired systems, the hall way doesn’t have anything.

From what I can see in need a grade A  cat LD2 system for the hall and grade D LD2 for the flats.


I would like the flat systems to be linked by radio signal to cut down on the surface wiring but no one seems to know if such a system would be ok and comply with regs.


the building control officer I spoke to said he isn’t familiar with the use of radio systems, the alarm engineer says it is fine and can sign off, another contractor has said check with the fire brigade, the risk assessor just says it has to be to BS 5839 and the fire brigade won’t comment as they think it is the fire risk assessors role and they are therefore conflicted!


Any help sincerely appreciated!






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Wireless systems are very established pieces of fire alarm technology and are absolutely fine complying with BS5839 and legislation, sadly there is a lot of ignorance out there amongst those who should know better!.

Grade A/Part1 wireless systems: https://www.safelincs.co.uk/wireless-fire-alarm-systems/

Grade D wireless systems: https://www.safelincs.co.uk/radio-interlinked-smoke-alarms/ (use the filter to take away the Grade F devices from the list)

I assume your FRA has determined the fire compartmentation between the flats is inadequate as that's the only reason you'd need a common system and an evacuate policy - if the required 60 minutes FR walls and floors are in place you don't need anything in the common areas as they sound too small to need a detector operated smoke control system.

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