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Best fire detention for a stable yard

Guest amillar8@gmail.com

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Guest amillar8@gmail.com

We have recently moved a farm with 12 stables in a block with hay and straw storage, plus tack room, rug room and staff kitchen. Less than 5 staff. Please can you advise what system is best to warn us of a fire to protect the horses and complies with my duty as an employer without breaking the bank?


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Normally for life safety (human) & legal compliance purposes you wouldn't need alarm if a shout of fire or simple manual device such as gong, whistle or air horn would be heard throughout the building.

Otherwise a simple manual electrical system of a control panel with connected manual call points and alarm sounders is usually all that is needed (although depending on layout specific detection for situations such as inner rooms might be required). A variation in the normal design rules would usually be needed to avoid sound pressure levels that would frighten the animals.

Your fire risk assessment (a legal requirement even for farms and stables) should determine this - the official Government guidance is here (p57 for fire alarm info):

Property protection (not a legal requirement) would require provision of detection to areas of high fire risk and high value, although for some areas smoke detection would be affected by the environment (dust, wind, mist, steam, mites and flies etc) and heat detection would be needed, which is slower to react and would usually not save anyone (human & animal) in the room of fire origin. Insurers can advise on property protection - you should however ask specialists in agricultural insurance such as NFU Mutual https://www.nfumutual.co.uk/farming/farm-safety/loss-prevention-guidance-for-farms/

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