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Is this block of flats safe?

Guest Charles Haviland

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Guest Charles Haviland

Hi. I'm a long time tenant in a block of flats. After a cursory reading of approved document B and the fire safety order (FSO) of 2005 I think there might be some serious problems with the fire safety. I'd like some advice on whether expert members of this forum agree that there might be some problems and what to do about them as our landlord isn't responsive.

The main issue is that the lift, stair well, each flat and external escape don't appear to be suitably compartmented (if that is the right term).

Specifically, the lift compartment has holes in it and shares the same plastic roof as stair well. The service ducts in the stair well have open access panels, open windows to the escape stair and the doors and side-lights to the stair well are not fire-rated and the escape door between the stair well and external fire escape does not seal. The windows from flats leading onto the external fire escape are not fire rated. Some of the issues are highlighted on the attachment.

Maybe I'm making a fuss about nothing, but as a non-expert I'd be very grateful for comments.


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Lots of problems there! There should legally be a Fire Risk Assessment for the block (which has to include the external fabric of the building as well the internal flat walls and doors that bound the common areas as well as the actual common parts) that if any good should pick up on these things.

Do you have a communal fire alarm system that includes sounders and detectors in each flat hallway? This would be the minimum expected for a block of this type of build.

I think you may be well advised to contact the fire safety enforcement department of your local fire service.

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