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Protected Escape Routes

Guest AdamR

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Hi there,

I have 2 question about protected escape routes in a pub with live-in accommodation upstairs:

1. There are 2 escape routes from the first floor accommodation flat via separate corridors & stairs. Some of the doors on these routes are not FD30S. Question is, would they need to be as there are two escape routes? Risk assessment could argue that if one escape route becomes compromised, another will be available. So for life safety, 30 min fire protection is not required along either of the routes).

2. In an older builder, can a 25mm doorstop still be accepted as a alternative to intumescent seals/cold smoke strips.



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1. Consult a qualified fire risk assessor or https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/fire-safety-risk-assessment-sleeping-accommodation. It's not as simple as number of exits but also includes travel distances, separation from the bar below, type & extent of fire alarm system, etc

2. It's risk based. The expectation is for intumescent seals and cold smoke brushes particularly in sleeping risk, but the overall risk and fire safety package has to be taken into account. You can't just say they were OK at the time, but need to show why they still remain OK (as technical progress has shown they have a sub-par performance). I've assessed premises where I've mitigated the retention of old pre-1980's spec fire doors, but others where I've had to advise replacement - this is the point of the FRA process.

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