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Freeholder of Georgian conversion property


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Hi, hoping someone can help.

I am the sole freeholder of a Georgian property that was converted into 4 apartments in the 1940's.

Only mine and one other apartment share a communal hallway and flight of stairs to our own front doors.  I don't own any of the other properties.

Some beautiful original features like the front door to the communal hallway and an internal glass lobby. Really don't want to have to replace or remove these lovely features.

When I acquired my apartment the entire Freehold came with it so I am the responsible person for communal areas.

What fire risk guidelines do I need to follow for a property of this age, 1750's? It has never had a fire risk assessment before and, without question, there would only have been antiquated and cheap conversion methods used when it was cut up; finding evidence of this in my own home. 

Can anyone give me advice or a link that addresses this type of property?


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Based on the fact it was not originally flats and was converted before the modern era of Building Regulations this is appropriate:


Section 37, p46 covers your situation.

If you need help with your FRA please let me know.

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Guest Kittyg80

Hi, I’m looking for similar advice on the Victorian front door of a conversion. I can’t see any information online but were told we may need to replace or cover all the original glass in and around the main front door. 

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