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Solenoid lock in fire exit door

Guest Phil

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I hope you can give advice and also tell me where i can find the relevant information.

We have a had a new building constructed the main final exit door has been fitted with a solenoid lock it has a quick release box by the door. We have noticed that the door wont open if there is pressure on the door. 

Is there a regulations about the use of solenoid lock and were can i find it. If it in a British Standard could you please cut and paste and extract if you are allowed to.  

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They are certainly frowned upon in the Government Fire Safety Guides:
"Electromechanical devices
Electromechanical devices comprise electromechanical lock keeps and draw bolts, which can be controlled by people inside the premises by entering a code or by using ‘smart cards’, which have been adapted to control the exit from certain areas. These devices have been fitted in many premises and may be linked to the fire-detection and/or warning system.
Experience has shown that these devices can fail to open in a number of ways. They are dependent on a spring mechanism to return the lock keep or draw bolt(s) and are liable to jam when pressure is applied to the door. It is also relatively easy to fit them incorrectly. Electromechanical locking devices are normally unacceptable on escape doors, unless they are fitted with a manual means of overriding the locking mechanism, such as a push bar, push pad or lever handle or they do not rely on a spring mechanism, fail-safe open and are not affected by pressure, in which case the criteria for electromagnetic devices should be applied."

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