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Are fire doors legally required in an unlicensed HMO in England?

If your HMO doesn't need licensing as it is four people, does the landlord legally have to provide fire doors including in the kitchen? My landlord doesn't care about guidance and has told me it is my opinion that wee require fire doors and electrical appliance testing and an EICR and a fire risk assessment but he disagrees. He says he doesn't need to do it because it is a small property that doesn't need licencing. we are a three story house, our bathrooms have no windows, our bedroom doors have padlocks on the outside which is how we lock them, the kitchen doesn't have a door at all, our fire alarms are basic battery powered ones and the appliances and furniture are old. I have found blogs and things saying fire doors are legal requirements but I tried reading the legislation and it's confusing. The guidance says there should be fire doors but it is only guidance and he won't adhere to it. He says this is my opinion and I worry too much and if I required fire doors or an EICR certificate I should not have moved in here. he is trying to make me leave.

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An EICR is a legal requirement in all rented dwellings not just licensed HMO's. I strongly urge you contact your local council Environmental Health (primary enforcers for houses & HMOs) as you are in a rogue landlord property - The Housing Act covers all properties, licensed or not and should meet the requirements of the Housing Health & Safety Rating System.

You may be able to take legal action as the attempts to evict could be classed as aa 'revenge' eviction for you complaining - seek advice from Shelter & the Citizens Advice Bureau

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