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Flat Front Door Identification

Guest Joe

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Hello all, 

I have been completing a Fire Door Survey and come across a door leaf which I have not seen before.

The door leaf had no identifying markings and labelling present. 

The survey was non-intrusive and from what I can see the door leaf appeared to comprise of a solid timber core and had then been faced (internally and externally) with a fascia (Please see images) the fascia appeared to be made possibly from aluminium or a uPVC material. 

Has anybody come across this type of door leaf previously, or can suggest a manufacturer?

Thanks in advance. 




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Looks like it might be an IG door, I've seen quite a few properties with their doors fitted, The ones I've seen are metal skin with a yellow foam inner core, which can be seen by removing a door viewer, lock, letter plate etc. Check the hinge it might say IG on it. The ones I found were not fire doors. Not sure what they offer currently.


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Hi Neil & Nick, 

Thanks for taking the time to reply. 

Nick- I have followed your lead and contacted IG doors technical team to see if they can shed any further light, just regarding the hinges, completely devoid of any markings on these door-sets, I’ve come across more modern IG door-sets before and as you say normally the hinges are very well marked but unfortunately nothing on this one. 

**update regarding the above IG Doors Technical Team have been in contact stating that based on the images provided they do not believe the doors to be theirs**

Neil- The survey was a none-intruisive visual inspection, the timber assumption was mainly from the feel of the weight of the door-set and from being able to see some very limited areas behind the fascia, obviously I could be wrong. Looks like I might be struggling to obtain any test data/certification for this then if it is Manse Masterdoor. 

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I understand your confusion with identifying the door leaf you came across during your Fire Door Survey.
I have come across similar types of door leaves in the form of uPVC French doors, which are quite popular these days due to their durability and easy maintenance. The solid timber core provides added strength and insulation, while the uPVC fascia gives a modern and sleek appearance.
Regarding the manufacturer, it might be worth checking with local suppliers and distributors of uPVC doors and windows in your area to see if they can identify the door leaf.
Hope this helps, and good luck with your survey!

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Hi SheiM, 

Thank you for taking the time to respond- That was my approach I have explored in the meantime, I’ve contacted a few installers/manufacturers of fire doors we have networked with, so far no one has seen anything similar in situ as a fire door, a density and full intrusive survey has been suggested to establish to full composition/make up of the doors. 

Going to continue doing some more asking round to see if anyone can shed any light.

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