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Means of escape and fire exits


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Hi folks,

Please see the attached with reference to some work being carried out to build a self contained customer service outlet within a local council building. It will be self contained with security access for staff only. The area  to the left bounded by the green walls is the staff area where a maximum of 3 people with be at any time. The majority of times will be 1 or 2 staff members.

The public area to the right of that will be separated by security screens floor to ceiling. The architects have designed in an escape hatch through the screen as shown in the event of a fire. I have no idea why the door at 2 will not suffice as this will be the main entry/egress for staff working there. The point was raised that what if the fire is directly outside that door and I've asked how that differs from any other office along a corridor in the building that doesn't have a secondary means of escape.

So my question is will the door at 2 suffice as the sole means of escape from the relatively small area or does the proposed hatch need to remain as per the plan?

Thanks in advance



fire doc.pdf

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Hatches are no longer routinely acceptable as escape routes in any case, they are very last century except in isolated plant rooms on roofs.

Where does door 2 lead to? What automatic detection is there?


Travel distance and occupancy wise single escape and single direction of travel is fine in the pictured area, so the issue must be with the area the outlet opens onto, but there's nothing that jumps out in the picture as requiring a by pass route.

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I have seen hatches in recent years on a new build specialist scientific laboratory that had specific technical needs due to the processes that were being performed there. (in particular pressure differentials in different spaces that needed triple inner room type layouts)

The example given is really curious and seems fairly ordinary. However, like Anthony, I wonder what is happening outside door 2 as surely nobody would advise on the expense of a hatch if it wasnt needed......... would they? 

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On 03/01/2023 at 09:48, tim1619 said:

Thanks Anthony, 

Door 2 leads to a largish foyer with means of escape in both directions, one immediately outside to an ultimate place of safety and other way through the rest of the building to several other exits.



Is the door from the public half into the same foyer?

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