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Self-Testing Emergency Lighting


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Just a quick query regarding self-testing emergency lighting units.

We recently took over a new building (for us) which had recently been refurbished by the local authority and I noted that there were no test points for emergency lighting., so began the process of raising a work order to install suitable test points in the building, only to be later informed that the units installed were self-testing and that they were not required. Even though I have heard of them it's the first time I've come across them "in the wild".

I work in the charity sector, and we normally take over existing buildings, sometimes without the full information regarding a building. 

To cut a long storey short (and save myself some embarrassment going forward), is there a way of visually identifying self-testing units (symbol, standard marking system, etc) without extensive work.





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If they are part of a linked system there would be a central control and monitoring panel or link to a BMS PC allowing you to check test results for any defective fittings.

If just individual fittings with a self test function then you will have to check the information on the data plate on the side of the fitting or catch one that is faulty or in self test mode so you can see the different LED colour and flash combinations that show this.

Whilst you don't have to test them monthly you still have to visually inspect them monthly to see if any are showing a fault code or are completely dead.

More info:



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