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Hi all

In our place of work, we have had a leaf and half fitted with new MDF frame. When the doors close in the centre there is 2 x 15mm strips fitted. one on either door. If there is a fire surly, they won't work correctly? 

The meet in the middle and not at all staggered 


thanks Team

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Hi Tony

It is typical for -

FD30 pairs to have 2no 10x4mm strips to the meeting edge of the primary leaf. 

FD60 pairs to have 2no 15x4mm strips to the meeting edge of the primary leaf.

There are other combinations, but these would normally involve the seals being offset not directly opposing. 

The fire certification for these doors will tell you exactly what intumescent arrangement is required at the meeting edges. If this is a new install then you should be able to get hold of a copy, maybe from the O & M manual.


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