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Fire Escape Route

Guest CPFC

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Good Evening

I have come across the following today and would like people's opinions and if required solutions:

A three Storey Victorian house being used as an HMO.

To the rear of the premises is a small self-contained flat, the only access to this is through the front door along the protected escape route passing a bedroom, the stairs to the first floor and the kitchen at the rear of the premises, where you then have to go through the back door, into an enclosed courtyard, across the courtyard to the front door of the self-contained flat (only Entrance).

So, in the event of the fire alarm being sounded (which is linked), to escape from the self-contained flat you have to do the opposite of the above to reach a place of total safety, is this acceptable?

Door to kitchen is a FD30s Window facing the courtyard is thirty minutes, courtyard is clear of obstructions, it is clearly signed and has adequate emergency lighting.

Rough drawing attached Fire Escape route.docx

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If there is a party wall liable to give 60 minutes fire resistance between the main building and flat then the assumption would have to be that the flat would operate stay put if the adjacent house was on fire, as escape through a high risk room (kitchen) would not normally be allowed as the sole escape route - is the flat totally landlocked with no external windows for escape in a different direction?

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