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AOV Required in a 3 storey 10 bed HMO conversion ?


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Hi Everyone !!!

AOV in HMO ? Some Breg Cos require some do not.   It appears this may be one of interpretation.   What is the authority here ? Lacors?

What do you think guys ?     

Heres what my new Bregs co have asked :

Please provide information on Means of escape issue for building. Flats do not have protected entrance halls but are less than 9 meter travel distance from furthest corner to flat entrance door. Flats do not have any kitchens as they are HMO’s. Flats are not separated  from the common stair by a protected lobby or common protected corridor as per Diagram 3.7 in Part B. The flats do not comply with small single stair building as per Diagram 3.9 in Part B. The travel distance from the flats on the top floor, the second floor, the third storey above ground to the final exit, that travel distance is more than 9 meters so does not comply. A smoke control vent is required in the roof at the top of the common stair.

Thanks v much for your input in advance !!!   ?  




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If it's a stay put block of flats you would need AOV. If you are a MO which operated simultaneous evacuation with a mixed fire alarm system you don't. ADB is not law or regulation, just one method of meeting Building Regs and other approaches are allowed as long as they meet the functional requirements of the law (suitable alarm and escape, compartmentation, internal & external fire spread, fire service facilities, etc)

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