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Fire Door Survey Software

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My client has asked for a fire door survey to be completed the following criteria and I believe this would be easier using a proprietary software

  • To be able to categorise each door into one of the following for budgetary purposes
  1. Life Cycle Repair
  2. Malicious Damage
  3. Maintenance
  • Ability to add budgetary costs to each door or repair
  • The software creates a database allowing all of the 1-3 criteria above to be reviewed, including the budgetary costs
  • The ability to add photographs and expand them if possible
  • A monthly cost would be preferred

Does anyone use any software like this currently, as I have looked at a few of them, but they don't seem to tick all the boxes so far.

Thank you

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Have a look at the iAuditor app (you can try it for free and search through pre-made fire door inspection checklist templates to see what it can do). I've created a fire door inspection checklist using it and it's fairly powerful due to the fact you can create custom checklists to your clients requirements. You can add necessary actions/photos etc and you could add fields for budget costs. I believe if you use the premium version (seems to be around £20/m per user) you can export to a MS Word file in addition to PDF however I haven't tried that yet as just been exploring capability.

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