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Commercial escape route: security locks


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I have had conflicting advice regarding fitting locks to an office door in a multi-tenanted commercial building. The door opens onto a common-area stairwell which is the primary escape route. 

I have been told that I must have a BS8621 rim-lock so that exit is always possible without the need for a key. This seems fair enough and I accept that. 
However, for security, I want a good mortice lock in addition. This needs to be a BS3621 (keyed from both sides) so that an intruder who may have gained access through a window can't then carry his loot out through the door.

I have been told that, if I have this mortice lock, then it must have a thumb-turn on the inside because it's on the escape route, but I have read elsewhere that additional locks may be used whilst the property is unoccupied and fixed unlocked when the premises is occupied (remember this is a commercial property not a dwelling).

I am also of the understanding that the door lock should be EN179 compliant (ie opened from inside using a handle) and that the door should be "operable without requiring people to manipulate more than one mechanism" (Approved Document B para:5.7 iv). So, if I was to have a thumb-turn on the second lock, then the door would no longer meet Building Regs as there would be two locks to manipulate.

Am I right in my understanding that, whilst unoccupied, I can secure the door any way I choose? And, if so, where can I find this written?

Many thanks for any input.

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I think I've found the answer to my own question: 

Approved Document B1 para:5.9 b.

In non-residential buildings (purpose groups 3 to 7), some final exit doors feature security locks that are used only when the building is empty, Such locks may be appropriate, but management procedures must emphasise their safe use.

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