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Door maglocks

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Wondering if anyone can help with an issue regarding fitting floor mounted mag locks (24v) These maglocks are used to keep the door open and if the fire alarm is activated, then the doors release, they can also be released manually by pushing a button on the maglock itself

  1. Do you have to use FP200 cable to the maglock?
  2. Does the cable have to be taken direct from the fire alarm panel or can it be taken from a sounder/strobe, via a normally closed relay?
  3. 24 v is supplied by a stand alone power supply unit to a n/c relay and then to the maglocks, when the sounder/strobe is activated, 24v is then sent to operate the relay and disconnect the feed to the maglock. 

Appreciate any help or comments 

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1. Would the lock fail to safe and release the door if the cable is burnt through or otherwise affected by heat? If so, it doesn't have to fire resistant

2. No, this is the old method from the last century and is deprecated

3. You should have a copy of BS5839-1:2017 & BS 7273-4:2015+A1:2021  if doing this sort of work, these are the standards professionals should work to and are judged against in court - these would answer all your questions.

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