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Will an ionization detector alarm on evaporated refrigerator coolant?


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Hello. One of the Kidde Firex 4618AC detectors in our home false-alarmed at 6AM Monday morning a week ago. It was a full alarm, all detectors screeching and a voice saying "Fire" periodically. After about 30 to 40 seconds they went silent. The blinking red light indicated it was the alarm in my bedroom. The air was extremely still there; with the milder autumn  temps, neither heating nor cooling had occurred during the night, and the detector location is somewhat shielded from air motion. Then yesterday our fridge failed apparently due to a coolant leak. I would like to know if the two things could be related. I know, I know, flush the toilet and the lights go out, right? You're welcome to laugh at me, but I'm still curious whether evaporated (gaseous) fridge coolant can trigger an ionization-type smoke detector.

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