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Advanced panel fault - interrupt then corrupt data

Guest MF22

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Had a recurring fault on an Advanced panel with Hochiki devices for a while. It’ll turn up randomly one day and then disappear for weeks. Starts off on the log with “interrupt - unknown device”, then immediately goes to “corrupt data” and then eventually goes back to normal. I’ll link a short video of the log. 
My first thought is to replace the detector, but the issue is it’s at the top of a lift shaft so have to get the engineers out to give me access. Anybody got any ideas of what it might be without having to go up there?


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On 12/09/2022 at 10:52, green-foam said:

Only a guess, water damage.

Thanks for the reply. Managed to get up there Friday to change the detector, all was well until this morning when the fault came back. I’ll have to arrange to get back up and strip it all down, replace the base as well as the detector and check for any signs of water.

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I believe a device sends an interrupt when it reaches a certain threshold before it goes into alarm, it sends an interrupt to stop the loop polling all the devices so it can put data on the loop, if there is an interrupt followed by corrupt data it sounds like a faulty device. Corrupt data that jumps around between different devices can be caused by corrosion on the cable itself, and if there is water in the device, like someone mentioned above, be careful because it can blow the loop card on an advanced, and from experience that sometimes does not put a fault on the panel at all.

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Nice input 🙂 however it has fallen on deaf ears as the original poster asked way back in 2022, and has never been back, so I would hope has solved the problem by now. The two who asked later have never posted again either, so we will never know if they looked at any of the devices.

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