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Hi I have a customer that operates an indoor tourist attraction that has an ongoing issue with a certain element of his tourists using a double glass fire exit doors as a short cut as it is near to the car park as opposed to walking an extra 50 yards to the actual site exit. Although we have installed battery operated alarm, when it goes off the staff are so busy they cant respond quick enough to catch them in the act. Adjacent to these doors just around a corner there is another set of fire exit doors (approx 5 meters away) and we were hoping that we could lock the set of doors that are being used as a short cut as there is another fire exit so close.

Is this doable or would this be contravening fire regs?

Really appreciate any help and advice 

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That is up to the Fire Risk Assessment. A competent assessor would consider layout, occupancy numbers, occupancy type, premises type, number & width of exits, travel distances etc. and be able to decide if this is OK - it's not a simple yes/no as it could be either.

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