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Residents wheelie bins sited at bottom of wooden external staircase

Guest Navenby

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Guest Navenby
Good morning everyone,
I'm looking for advice about a fire safety issue at a complex of eight residential apartments. I was recently appointed as Company Secretary, and act as the Responsible Person for issues related to fire safety.
Unfortunately, fire safety issues have not been seen as a key priority in the past, so I am working to address the many issues that I have identified. I have already engaged an external specialist company to carry out a Fire Risk Assessment for the company, as it appears that the company has never previously carried out an FRA, and there is no paperwork related to fire safety in the company's archives. I am awaiting the full written report, but have already been given some verbal feedback and am keen to take this forward whilst I await the full report.
The two wheelie bins for one of the apartments are currently kept directly outside the entrance to their basement flat, rather than being kept in the separate "official" bin store which is situated a safe distance away from the buildings. (I understand that the resident wanted to have their bins by their entrance stairs so that they can have a sign on the bins to more clearly direct Royal Mail and other deliveries down the stairs to their apartment, as they were having problems with their post being mistakenly delivered to other apartments). Having studied fire safety guidance which appears to recommend that bins are stored well away from buildings to reduce the risk of arson attacks or other wheelie bin fires, I believe that the current siting of these 2 wheelie bins poses an unacceptable safety risk and should never have been allowed by the management company, as they are positioned at the bottom of a set of external wooden stairs which form the only entrance and exit from a second-floor apartment (please see the 2 attached photos.
I'd be grateful for any advice on this issue before I have a conversation with the apartment owner: if the wheelie bins pose a safety risk, I am quite prepared to insist that they are relocated to the bin store used by all other residents, but I would not want to do this if those wiser and more experienced in fire safety issues than I am felt this to be an over-reaction!
I look forward to any replies and advice.
 Best wishes,
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