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Large fire in house and amount of extinguishers


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Hello there, we had a blazing fire in our house in a bedroom caused by a Dehumidifier going bad. 

I managed to tackle the fire and put it out with a 2kg co2, 6kg foam, 2kg powder and a 9 litre water extinguisher.  

We have just had replacement extinguishers from our local company. Being 2 x 2 kg co2 and 2 x 6l foam. 

When I spoke to the fire company about our fire they said if you cant put it out with 1, get out and call 999. 

I explained that we live in a very rural area and it would be 25 mins till the fire brigade came and that we have zero phone signal. He was adamant that you get out if you cant stop the fire with 1 extinguisher.  I said, I'm sorry but I'd rather die trying to save our property and belongings than wait for the fire brigade to come. He looked glum.  

Anyhow, I work in farming and deal with big machinery fires most summers, all easily put out with enough extinguishers.  I've put out many big fires with several extinguishers.  Think I'll add several more to the house just incase.  

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It was not unusual in the past for multiple extinguishers to be used on fires almost in a bucket chain of them - and one major manufacturer from the 20th Century advertised how a use could refill their extinguishers in 30 - 60 seconds max to allow a continued attack on the fire.

Works brigades or works fire teams were not uncommon and many fires were extinguished or controlled this way with anything from one to a dozen extinguishers used.

Society is far more risk averse these days hence the approach you are hearing. However that doesn't stop you deciding to do what you feel best and have the kit for a prolonged attack as long as you don't put yourself in danger by following basic fire fighting practice (e.g. stay low, keep a exit behind you, etc)

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