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Side Gate..

James french

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Hi everyone..

I live in a basement flat which has a side walkway to my front door..we also have french doors at the back of our flat which lead onto the garden area..At the top of our walkway is a security gate which we keep locked and have done for 21 years...

The property freehold is owned by social housing though we own our flat..

We have just come back from holiday and the social housing team have taken the deadlock l lock out of the gate leaving it unlocked not informing us and saying it's against fire regs and we should have a thumb nail lock that we can open from the inside..I said we use this as our security gate and anyone who wants to break in will just reach through the bars

I cannot believe they have done this as we can go in the garden at the back or climb over the wall into the neighbours..We can even climb over the security gate..

Any views.As livid..


Thank you






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Guest James French

Anthony B

So sorry not to get back to you earlier..Thank you for your reply.

Yes it is an external gate in the side alley that leads up from our flat door to come out the front of the house. We use a key on the keyring we use to lock the flat door to unlock it and can climb over any of the walls if for some reason the lock fails to open ...

Many thanks


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