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Travel distances within protected route.


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Hi, I heard a FR assessor quoting that once you had completed your travel distance to a relative place of safety. eg.  (45m to a protected corridor ,stairwell ,) then the 45 m rule began again to the final exit.

I have never heard of this but thought surely it would be an assessment of what’s reasonable based on the fire protection  of the route, occupancy, risk etc.

Happy to be corrected. Still very much in the learning phase , which I assume never ends.

Your comments appreciated.


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No it doesn't - once you are in the protected route it should lead to a final exit and so travel distance is to a large sense irrelevant - otherwise you would never get a building over 6 floors.

Also it's only 45m where escape is available in 2 directions, 18m in a single direction (figures differ slightly for different usages and risk levels)

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