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Polycarbonate roof panel fire rating?

Guest Tian

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I planned to install a canopy with Aluminium frame and Polycarbonate roof panels to the back of my house. The terraced house is in a new built development so I need to get permission from the management company and the developer Berkeley. Berkeley got back to me that polycarbonate roof which is unacceptable as this is combustible. Therefore you need to consider an alternative product to this, such as glass or a non-combustible material.

I'm surprised by this feedback, as polycarbonate is used widely in the building industry. I googled online, it seems polycarbonate behaves quite well in the event of fire. In terms of combustibility, the wooden fence and wooden shed are more prone to catch and spread the fire. Why the developer can install wooden fence and wooden shed in the back garden but I can't use the polycarbonate panel? It is also in the open space not in the house. 
I do not want to use glass panel because A. it is far too expensive, B. glass panel requires 3 posts to support while polycarbnonate panel only needs 2 posts, which is more aesthetic for me. 
Can you help me to argue with the developer? Thank you.


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What is the fire classification of the sheeting you propose? I would suspect it's not in Class A or B hence their objection. You need them to commit to a fire performance classification as a minimum standard and then see if you can find a suitable material that meets it.

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Thank you Antony. The sheet is rated as:  Fire Standard Compliant: EN 1350-1 - EuroClass B-s1.d0

I just noticed that the new built primary school in our development also uses polycarb roof for the canopy attached to the classroom building. 

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Whilst a Euroclass B-s1.d0 rating means it's combustible it also means it has:
-Little or no contribution to fire.

- The material contributes little or insignificantly to the development of smoke.

 – The material does not create flaming particles or droplets when subjected to fire

and considering the height of the structure and that it is only attached to your house shouldn't be an issue.

This situation is one of the many traps of buying new developments as leaseholds sadly

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