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Fire escape windows in listed house

Guest GordonClar

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Guest GordonClar

We are converting a 400 year old house, that has been a barn for the last 100 years, back to a house again. It is of course listed. The existing openings do not provide an adequate means of escape, but a couple of dormers tucked away at the back, and inserted into what is currently a tin roof, could.

We are trapped between a planning authority which will not allow the windows, and the Building Control officer, who does. The planning authority is now mounting a case against us, claiming that we could use the front windows if we put in child proof restrictors to prevent children from falling - but they appear not to care that this would also prevent children from escaping, nor do they care about the visual damage large openings would cause to the front elevation..

Ok, nuff said, two questions to you please:

Do you know where we can find accurate statistics on deaths from fire in the last 20 years, particularly how many children were trapped in fires, and particularly on whether modern building regulations have reduced death/injury from (domestic) fires.

Do you know where we should turn for an independent professional assessment of our plans by some sort of fire officer. It is clear that we cannot turn to the local authority! We need someone that an appeal inspector would treat as authoritative.

best wishes


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Gordon I am afraid fire statistics are not detailed sufficiently enough to enable you to extract such information but there has been a small reduction in deaths/injuries in domestic premises but the reasons are open to opinion. Check out http://www.communities.gov.uk/fire/researchandstatistics/ more information.

Mail me with your email address regarding a fire consultant.

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