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Fire door needed between hallway and boxroom

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I am trying to find out if we can have a glass wall and door between our hallway and box room (1) or if we need a fire door. The box room is fairly big (5x5m) but has low ceiling height (185cm) and no windows. This box room leads to another box room (2), which is a bit smaller but also has no windows and a low ceiling height. In this room there is currently a passive vent, to which we will likely connect a PIV unit to increase ventilation. But so these boxrooms are not classified as a habitable space. We use them recreationally and for storage. Since there is no natural light, we thought it would be nice to have a glass door and a small section of glass wall between the first (5x5m) boxroom and the hallway, but we want to make sure that this is allowed. 

We are a maindoor maisonette with one room on the ground floor and then 2 bedrooms, bathroom and 2 box rooms at basement level. When you enter our property, you enter a hallway, which leads to the ground floor (dining/living room and kitchen) room and also goes downstairs. When you are downstairs there is a small hallway which leads to the bedroom doors, the bathroom and box room (1). We don't have a communal hallway or any communal exists with another flat. In the event of fire downstairs, we could escape through the windows of the bedroom (which are located at 2 m height but are more than big enough to fit a person through and we have a ladder in the bedrooms) or through the hallway and the front door.  

Many  thanks

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