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Replacement batteries for emergency lighting

Guest Andrewsha

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Guest Andrewsha

I am trying to source replacement batteries for some bulkhead emergency lights. Would you be able to advise as to how I can find out what type of batteries the lights require. Also, do they need to be changed by a certified electrician or can anyone do this?

Many thanks

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The legislation refers to using competent persons to assist the Responsible Person to meet the requirements of the Fire Safety Order and the definition of a competent persons is " A person is to be regarded as competent where s/he has sufficient training and experience or knowledge and other qualities to enable him properly to implement any necessary measures ". Bearing that in mind I would say a specialist electrician in fire alarms/emergency lighting is the right person.

Assuming the luminaries you are referring to are self contained type then this information should be available with your logbook, certificates and specifications issued by the installer. If not, you could have the luminaries open up and check the type of battery installed or contact the manufacturer for the specifications for the appropriate luminaire.

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