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Replacing Fire Doors in a Multi-Story Office Building

Guest Dave

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I have recently carried out a review of a buildings health and safety procedures. The building is 15 stories with three protected stairwells. The building has had issues raised regarding fire doors over and over again, the building was constructed in 1987 and still has the existing doors in place. On my visit I identified that the doors have "hidden" intumescent strips and have the BM TRADA Q-Mark, so I know they were installed to the standard of that time. The doors are in reasonable condition, but there is obvious wear and tear.

The fire door survey they have had recently has listed a number of repairs and replacements such as fire rated hinges, excessive gaps etc. But has also stated "no fire seals" to the doors which have the "hidden" seals. 

I am leaning towards recommending that the doors are fine and do not need replacement as they were installed to the standard at that time, but the repairs/upgrades should be completed following a further review by a Fire Door specialist as I don't trust the judgement of the previous fire door assessor.

Can you let me know if I'm on the right page with this judgement, and if i am, are there any supporting building regs, legislation that says that existing 3rd party certified fire doors that were installed to the correct standard of that time, in good condition do not need replacement. It's something that's come up time and time again and i want something concrete to go back to the client with.

Thanks in advance.


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