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Ei146RC beeping even after replacing battery

Guest Steve

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Guest Steve


I have an Ei146RC smoke alarm in the attic (and in most rooms in the house). Last week it started beeping so I replaced the battery. The beeping stopped. However this morning it started beeping again. I’m wondering if the alarm might be faulty seeing as it has a new battery. The alarm itself is under 4 years old as I only moved into the newly built house 3.5 years ago. I'm 100% certain the alarm that is beeping is the one I replaced the battery on as there is no other alarm in the attic. Also there are no spare alarms up there too. 


When the alarm is connected the green light is on and no red is on.


The replacement battery is a Panasonic Pro Power one. I do see a note on the alarm to only used Duracell or Energiser batteries. Could this be the problem? The Panasonic battery is a good one that costs the same as the Duracell and Energiser so I doubt this is the problem.




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Since it started to beep, which indicates a low battery,  and it stopped beeping when you put in another battery, but then some hours later started beeping again, I would suggest the "new" battery you used is not suitable and that you should use as the manufacturer says, Duracell or Energiser.

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