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FRA advises replacing an LD3 D1 system with a mixed Grade A LD2 system in building converted into flats in 2003


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It’s a building that we converted ourselves during 2003 and an enormous amount of work was done regarding fire protection to comply with the regulations at the time.  The communal hallways/means of escape was completely lined to achieve 1 hour protection and each flat was horizontally protected to an hour.  Each flat has an internal hallway with all doors, those to the communal hallway and those in the flat, having new doors and frames to FS30s.

There are 3 flats with 4 floors above ground level and the top flat comprises 2 of the floors with a protected hallway inside the flat to the top floor.
The building inspector specified mains operated detectors interconnected and wired to a separate fused circuit, which I believe is LD3 D1 along with emergency lighting.  So each flat has multiple smoke and heat detectors, with backup batteries.
I must admit this is the first time I've had a company do an assessment, as I believed I was doing everything properly already, but what with up and coming changes in legislation it would be a good idea.   I was extremely surprised that this was his advice and I requested clarification from him, but he's not been very helpful.  His assessment states this system is recommended by LACORS Guidance, which I pointed out applies to pre 1992 conversions.  (I did tell him it was converted in 2003) He just keeps saying building regs have changes since 2003 and it doesn't comply with them and this is his advice.
Try telling that to a leaseholder who would be expected to contribute approx £1000!
I was always under the impression that building regulations are not retrospective.  
I don't know what to do and obviously am extremely reluctant to go to a lot of expense when it was clearly considered suitable for that building when it was converted.
Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated!  Thank you in advance for your time.
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