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Conversion/ Extension of Edwardian House

Guest Mark

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Hi, I wonder if anyone can help with the specification of a fire alarm and detection system with the conversion and extension of an Edwardian house into 5 flats over three floors: 2No two bedroom on the ground floor, 2No two bedroom on the first floor and 1No one bedroom on the second floor. The intention was that the flats themselves would have separate systems, however there's a need for an automatic opening vent to be opened on the first floor landing if smoke is detected in the single means of escape stairway. All the flats will also have sprinkler systems. TIA, Mark

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For full detail you would need to appoint someone to prepare such a specification but to avoid you ending up with over provision:
- Your description suggests the conversion will comply with the current edition of Approved Document B or BS9991 with the requisite fire compartmentation

- This in turn suggests a stay put approach

- Flats would have their own separate & self contained smoke/heat alarms to BS5839-6

- You do not need any form of common fire alarm system

- You only require smoke detectors to open the smoke vent, no sounders, no call points

- Despite it being common (& lucrative) practice there is no need to provide a separate fire detection system to activate the vent - there are several manufacturers of smoke vent equipment where all the required detectors, manual controls, etc can be directly connected the the vent controls with out the need for a fire alarm control panel etc

- One example: https://aov-direct.co.uk/product/ventec-ostro-1m2-gfa-stairwell-aov-kit/

- This way you won't have to pay for installation of and pay for ongoing testing of equipment you don't need, just the smoke control system and no unnecessary components that aren't correct for stay put.

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