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I have come across companies offering pre-commissioned extinguishers already with maintenance label when shipped. Is this allowed? Or do I have to get them commissioned on site by an engineer?

We have a small restaurant in Lincoln


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In order to comply with current British Standards, the extinguishers not only needs to be commissioned but also commissioned and installed to the location of use by a suitably qualified “competent person”.

There is some 15 steps within the commissioning process, only afterwards and when the label is signed by the “competent person” ie the engineer, could the devise be recognised as properly installed and commissioned.

Although on the face of it there is a cost saving in the purchase, afterwards with the commissioning element introduced, thee cost will be more than utilising a local provider for the supply and installation.

Indicate your geographical location and I may be able to recommend a good local provider.

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I would agree with the above contributor. Having extinguishers pre-commissioned is dangerous and falls foul of BSI recommendations. It can be dangerous if extinguishers get damaged in transit and they might not operate correctly as a result (eg if the extinguisher pin has been bent when the handle was knocked in transit). We recommend that all businesses and organisations order their extinguishers with proper onsite commissioning or commissioning and installation. Onsite commissioning makes sense where existing extinguishers are simply replaced and no additional brackets are required.


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