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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I have a lease on a flat which is in a converted house. In total there are 3 self contained flats, although 2 share a common entrance/communal area. The landlord (freeholder) wishes to install a hard wired smoke alarm and emergency lighting. Given that the conversion to flats was done prior to 1991, I do not believe there is a statutory requirement to install this extra equipment. The individual dwellings are each fitted with battery powered smoke alarms. Many thanks for your assistance, and hopefully, clarification!
  2. Guest

    Fire safety in leaseholder flats

    I am one of 5 long leaseholders who each own a self contained flat in a large house converted to flats in 1997. The freeholder is saying he must put up fire signage, change light fittings fit fire doors etc to conform with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. I accept this appears to be the case for common parts but in this case the only common parts is a lobby of not more than 4m2 which is basically a small lobby from the main entrance to 2 of the flat front entrances. The othe r3 flats have their own entrances with no common parts.
  3. I am chairman of our residents association and we run the block ourselves. The block is 40 years old and purpose built - comprising 12 flats. Is it a legal requirement that emergency lighting should be installed in the common parts of the building? Thank you
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