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Doors opening onto corridor - strips and seals/self closers required?


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Hi all, 

Long time viewer of these forums, but this is my first post. I have a question on doors opening onto corridors in what is essentially a mixed usage office/educational building. The rooms onto the corridors are within a building containing a mix of office admin usage with some other rooms being used for teaching/delivering training input and lectures.

My question would these doors require to have intumescent strips and smoke seals fitted along with self closers? The building dates from the late 1960's and the existing doors are what appear to be simply nominal doors rather than fire doors. However some of the doors in question have self closers on them and some do not, none of them have strips/seals fitted. The doors open out into a long open corridor about 40 meters in length with no smoke control doors within that length. At one end of the corridor there is a set of (old and georgian glazed) fire doors which open onto a stairwell leading to floors below (3 floors in total). At the other end of the corridor this is duplicated. There is detection within the corridor and stairwells. The floor below is the same setup. There are also a number of MCB panels within the corridor which are simply fixed to the wall and are not enclosed in any FR material. 

There is no sleeping risk within the building although there can be s small amount of occupants after hours as one of the floors provides 24/7 access to study space within rooms on the first floor. I guess it would come down to the corridor being classed as an escape route or a protected route as it leads directly to the stairs at both ends?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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Looks like the situation would not require the corridor to be a “protected corridor” unless the mixed use you refer to relates to two different occupancies sharing the corridor. I think a look at the provision of cross corridor doors would be a reasonable issue to raise. The presence of MCB distribution boards in the corridor is really of no concern providing their enclosures don’t have gaping holes. 

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