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Does this really satisfy BR Part B means if escape?

Guest Jane Highton

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Guest Jane Highton



I sure if in right place, let me know if need to move to another forum. 

Just qualified as a Surveyor and noticed something odd with own  4 bed New Build House. 

1. Windows in bedrooms are all too high up to be egress windows.  Not 1 window upstairs complies, builder agrees.   

2.Bedrooms have intumescent strips on frames (3 sides) 

3. Building claim it complies as stairs and landing are a protected stairway. 

4.stairs lead straight down to small hall and front door. 

5. Between stairs and door is Kitchen diner door (glassed), (left) and Sitting room right

6. Also on right between stairs and door is Electric consumer unit behind (not fire door) we use for coats and shoes. 

Issue:  Does it really Comply?  Habit means kitchen door is propped open to allow pets and children to circulate.  

My neighbours, (different, newer house type) built prior, has similar windows in appearance but are egress.  And they've changed the design of the windows in our house style since.

But there's lots of houses like ours out there and it worries me.  Seems daft to have granny or a child stuck behind a swelled door and a hard to climb out of window.  

Morrally it's not sitting right with me, but I need some oumf to show them and building regs (who I doubt actually visited the house) that they need change these windows as there's lots of homes like this. 

Anyone any advice or info to show the ombudsman  if I chose to persue it? 


















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