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Buying a new flat without a FRA

Guest ElizabethD

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Guest ElizabethD


I'm in the process of buying a flat in a new building and the developers have refused to issue a Fire Risk Assessment. They say they will issue one after completion happens.

I'm a bit tipped off about their refusal and I'd like to understand what are the potential risk associated with having the FRA after completion. Does this mean that if the building does not comply with current fire legislation the then owners will have to pay for the remedial work? Why would the developer refuse to issue a FRA prior to completion if this is a legal requirement?

Thanks for your assistance and regards


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For a new build, an FRA is not required until occupation, it should conform to BR and an FRA should reflect that.  At the point of occupation, you should get the Regulation 38 information.  As for an FRA personally as most issues arise from the occupants use of the flat (over loading sockets, not keeping fire exits clear etc) I would be reticent about conducting one until the flat has been occupied for 4 weeks.

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