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Help please - Carbon Monoxide Alarm going off but won't stop even when taken outside

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My co alarm just went off, and it is the co warning. I called the emergency gas number. But even when I take it away from the flat, it's still continuing to beep, even after 30 minutes. It's about 3 years old, it went off after we ran a bath. The boiler does need servicing. I also don't feel ill at all, and people smoke in the house. The boiler is the only gas appliance in our flat. I don't know, I still rang just to make sure and I'm sitting outside the door in our stairwell but could it be that it's a false positive? The gas engineer said about an hour till they could get someone out and I've opened the window that's directly adjacent to the boiler as well as shutting the door. And I've turned it off. What's funny is we have turned things on, lit cigarettes and such and nothing has happened. So... Yeah.


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