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Ei146RC / Ei146 mounting plate compatibility.

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Guest GuestEi146

Good Afternoon. I wonder if anyone can be of assistance.

I purchased an Ei146RC smoke alarm to replace an older Ei146 which was emitting a persistent beep warning even after battery replacement. The unit had also passed it's end of life date. However I am unable to attach the new Ei146RC to the existing 12 year+ Ei146 base. Whilst it appears to mount as expected I am meeting firm resistance in the final couple of millimetres of horizontal travel and it won't fully lock into place. I've tried numerous times. I don't have this issue with the older Ei146.

Should an Ei146RC be compatible with an older Ei146 base? Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

For information both the old Ei146 and new Ei146RC connect successfully with the new Ei146RC base. But as this isn't attached to the ceiling or mains this doesn't resolve my issue. Thank you for your time.

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Guest SantaCruzDad

Hi - did you ever resolve this problem ? I have the same issue (trying to replace an old EI146 with a new EI146RC) and see the same problem with the new alarm not quite mating with the old base plate. I'm guessing you have to replace the old base plate with the new one that comes with the EI146RC, which in a perfect world should not be necessary ?

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