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Guest Theodore

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Guest Theodore

Dear Sir/Madam,

Need some piece of advice and expertise guidance on this.

I am landlord and I am looking to change the kitchen and living room doors from the old timber style doors to new a style of framed, solid with glazed panels. The project is DIY and involves me buying the necessary materials to construct and fit the doors.

The kitchen door will be a metal double slide door and the other one will be a two-leaf foldable door (please refer to attached pictures for your guidance). Have the following preliminary queries:

·       What are the requirements for the specific doors to be fire doors assuming for both metal frames will be used? 

o   Min -max thickness of the frame

o   Hinges type of material and number wherever applicable

o   Gaps at the side and bottom for both types of door

o   type of installation

·       Any specific materials to be used

o   What type of metal is recommended?

o   What type of glazed panels is the best?

o   What type of inducement seals?

o   What type of paints, coating and adhesives should be used?

·       Do I legally and technically speaking need to seek for 3rd independent party to certify the doors as fire doors? If yes,

o   Please recommend a few well-recongized organizations

o   When the certification takes place? Before or after the installation?

·       What is the applicable regulation? Doors should be certified as FD30 or FD60 or else?

Any further information and guidance on the purchase and construction of the doors which you may offer shall be much appreciated


kitched door open.jpeg

kitchen door.jpeg

living room double leaf foldable.jpeg

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