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EI150 replacement

Guest Martin Wilson

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Guest Martin Wilson

I am replacing my old EI ionisation 150 smoke alarms.

Hallway and landing are both the same. I understand these are discontinued but the replacement your recommending is EI 3016 but these are optical.

Will these be fine.

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Guest Nick Andre

Good evening,

Sorry to to jump in but this seems up to date and I'm hoping to get some changes to stop me worrying about my family after seeing dates of change stickers on these of 2012 and a 4am chirp this morning!!!! Talk about worried!!! 

I have moved into a town house with 2 X Ei 150 that need to go (ground floor and top floor)

I have a newer Ei 141RC on the middle floor where our living and kitchen is (Is this the right device for a town house?)

The main questions and worry I have are :

1. What are suitable alarms for ground floor and top floor landing for the bedrooms.

2. Will they all talk to each other as mains alarms?

3. Will I need an electrician or can I replace once ordered?

Thank you so much in advance. 



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Good morning, Andre

These are good questions. I’ll deal with them slightly out of order as it’ll make more sense as I go…

1. All landings, hallways and bedrooms are well served by the Ei3016 optical smoke alarm. The advantage of the 3000 series over the 140 series is the longlife lithium back-up battery which is designed to last the lifetime of your alarm – no more 4am low battery chirps!

2. EI (also known as Aico in the UK) have done great work in ensuring that virtually all of their alarms, old and new, will talk to each other. If your current alarms are connected by hardwire, your new alarms will too using the same wiring. There are also options for wireless interlinking available if you need them.

 3. Since the Ei150 series base has also been discontinued it will need replacing entirely. As such an electrician will be required. If your Ei141RC is also getting on in age (all alarms have a 10 year maximum life) you may want to consider upgrading it at the same time.

Whether or not your Ei141RC is right for your kitchen / living area depends on your home design. Within a kitchen a heat alarm is always recommended (plus a CO alarm if you have any fuel burning appliances such as boilers or gas cookers) due to the frequency of false alarms from normal cooking fumes triggering a standard smoke alarm. If this hasn’t been a problem for you so far it would be wise to check the function of your Ei141RC to ensure it is working since its ionisation sensor is more sensitive to such fumes that optical and might well have sounded before now.

If you would like advice on your exact scenario, please call us on 0800 612 6537 and we can talk in detail to ensure you have the right setup.


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