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Travel distance for a C2 risk profile in one direction according to Table 15 in 9999 2017 is 9m. At the bottom of the same table it says; “The two-way travel distance limit for hotels is measured from the entrance to the bedroom/suite, not from the most remote part of the bedroom/suite”.

Thus the implication is that one way travel should not be measured from the entrance door of the bedroom. That would be almost impossible to achieve and I do believe a mistake has been made in 9999 in that regard. It would seem to me that an allocation of 9m in the bedroom and 9m in the protected corridor would be appropriate. Now if we put sprinklers in, then we move down one risk profile to C1 which allows 13m in one direction. Would you read this as 13m in the bedroom and 13m in the protected corridor?

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