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Advice for replacing Ei153 Heat Alarm (and companion Smoke Detector)

Guest Craig

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Guest Craig

Hi Safelincs Forum,

My name's Craig and I'd like a second opinion on the replacement of a (rather old) Heat Alarm - and Smoke Detector - in my flat. I'll start with some background information and then outline my questions.

The label on the existing Heat unit identifies it as an Ei Company Ltd. Ei153

This particular model number doesn't appear on the replacement smoke alarms page, the closest being presumably the Ei154

For replacement of Ei150 Series Heat Alarms in general, my understanding is that one could purchase the following 'Easichange' units:

  • Ei154EK

The Heat Alarm is on the ceiling in the kitchen.  A cable exists (along with evidence of a base plate) in the hall for a (presumably once linked) Smoke Detector, but there hasn't been one there since I moved in. One might I assume that a compatible Ei150 Series unit was up there at some point, and could be replaced in a similar way by purchasing the following 'Easichange' unit:

  • Ei151EK

The current wiring consists of 4-pin jacks with Bl - W - Bl - Br which I believe are Neutral, Interconnect, (Battery) and Live. In new systems it's my understanding that the battery (balance?) wire is redundant and can either be capped or combined with the Neutral as modern units are hard-wired Live, Neutral & Interconnect.

My questions are then as follows:

  1. Would it be considered worthwhile to use the 'Easichange' systems, given there are no other connected units for which I must maintain compatibility, perhaps it makes more sense to just replace with modern alternatives (on the understanding that they might not completely cover the existing rectangular witness marks of the old alarms)?
  2. Is my assumption on the layout of the 4-pin jack correct? I consider myself a competent person with regard to performing minor electrical works but would be happy to get it checked by a qualified electrician should this be required (the system is completely separate to the Block / 'Landlord' detector)

Any other comments and feedback also very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Craig, 

to question 1)

The easichange alarms are 'modern' smoke alarms with re-chargeable lithium longlife batteries as backup and not just a re-production of the old Ei150 series alarms. As far as the visible footprint of the old units is concerned, you receive with the easichange pack also a cover plate to hide the old marks where they are not covered by the replacement alarm.

to question 2)

You are correct about the wiring: brown is live, white is interconnection, blue is neutral, and there’s another blue wire that forms a loop on the plug which works as the battery activation / deactivation. Of course we still recommend that installation / replacement is done by a qualified electrician.



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