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Extinguishers in candle shop

Guest Ying

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I am getting conflicting information about fire extinguishers. 

Is this a legal requirement to have in a shop, we have between 3 up to may be 5 people in a shop. We sell candles and sometimes these are lit?

We our staff are currently not trained on how to use a fire extinguisher so it is best to remove our current ones and that the best cause of action is to evacuate. 

There are concerns if the person using the extinguisher may have an accident therefore making the company liable.

Any advise appreciated.

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Hi, especially with having open flames it would be highly advisable to have extinguishers handy. Your insurance and any court would regard it as ill advised to have no extinguishers at all when you are using open flame! If you are concerned about staff capability you can book short extinguisher training courses.





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