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Ei141 beeping sporadically

Mark B

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we moved into our house 6 months ago. The  house is 7 years old and fitted with 3 Ei141 detectors. One of them sporadically beeps, often just once, occasionally several times and then stops. This usually but not always happens early morning which is annoying. I read that it might be to do with the temperature affecting the battery, is this the likely cause?

An additional issue is that the alarm causing the problem is situated in the upstairs ceiling above a void so is impossible to get to without a very long ladder (20 foot plus), this seems bad planning by the builder. Can anyone suggest how we could deal with this alarm without having to get external help which will likely be very expensive? 

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Hi Mark

Step one ought to be a clean with a vacuum  and putting in new batteries, although on 20ft ladder this is, of course, quite dangerous. I personally would replace the alarm straight away with a longlife re-charging battery version, probably also change from ionisation to an optical detection, as this detection technology is less prone to false alarming. A suitable replacement alarm with ten year, re-charging batteries, optical sensor and which fits on the same base without the ned for an electrician is the easichange Ei166EK


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