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Replacing heads on Ei141 (dates)

Guest M Will

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I have a flat in Scotland that we rented out for the first time over a year or so ago.   The flat has a hardwired set of three smoke and one heat detector.   The smoke detectors are Ei141's from memory and I can't remember what the heat detector is.   When we let the flat I replaced all detector heads that might be close to the replacement date which is displayed by the small label on the side of the heads themselves.   They all run comfortably into the 2020's now.

However two of the ceiling mounted base plates appear to have dates on too, whilst the remaining too don't, which suggest they need replacing too?

I had thought the quick mounting heads meant that lay people like myself could keep on top of making sure all the hardware is current.   Should I really be getting an electrician in to replace the surface mounted base plates on the two that carry a date.   New mounting plates don't carry a date, only the heads.

I'm confused.   Can anyone help.

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1 hour ago, Safelincs said:

Hi, the bases do not need replacing (unless damaged, of course) and should not have a replacement date on them. I wonder whether you have a Ei168RF wireless interconnection base under the head. This would need indeed replacing after ten year.


Thanks Harry, that must be the case.   I've found a photo which shows a green LED on the side of the base.

The date on the bases has recently lapsed so I'll get them changed as soon as I can get hold of the sparky.   In the meantime, will the individual smoke detectors still sound if there is a problem with one of the two wireless interconnected bases??  

The detector heads all say 2025-2028 on them, its just those two wireless bases that have lapsed.



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