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Double Fire Door Rebate Requirements


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I am planning to change my current living room door and I am struggling to find information on what are the requirements for the new assembly to be fire rated.

The existing door is single leaf and it opens into the living room. At the top and sides of the existing frame there is a rebate which the door closes against. Outside the living room is a corridor which leads to the main exit door of the flat (second floor stairs).

I would like to make the current opening wider and install two leaves, one leaf to be 838mm wide to open into the living room plus a 533mm wide side panel which (if opened) would open into the corridor (not to clash with furniture in the room). Also, due to limited ceiling height, in order to fit standard size doors on the market I will need to change the frame too (I believe current door was cut from previous owner). 

Considering I will have a new frame and two new leaves opening in opposite directions, what are the minimum requirements for the system to be fire rated? What do I need to specify to the carpenter?

Because of the two leaves opening opposite directions, it will be difficult to have a continuous rebate to the top of the door. Do I need a rebate or can I just have intunmescent strips?

Please help, thank you!


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Hi Giovitta,

If you need to fit fire resisting doors and you need them to open as you describe then they will need to specified as double leaf, double action.  This will make them quite costly because the timber door leaves will need to be suitable for that configuration and the correct pivot hinges and self-closing device will be necessary.

My advice would be to think carefully about whether the doors need to be fire rated and if so whether the door leaves need to open in opposite directions.  If its yes and yes, seek advice on a specific specification from a fire door specialist.  

The following document may be useful for reference purposes 'Fire safety in purpose built blocks of flats' https://www.local.gov.uk/sites/default/files/documents/fire-safety-purpose-built-04b.pdf 

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