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FD30 door alignment

Guest Patricia Busybee

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Guest Patricia Busybee


Could you please advise as to whether an FD30 door needs to comply with alignment specs?. I once found an internet posting regarding BM Trada that stated under the heading of Door Gaps that the alignment tolerances: "Leaves must not be proud of each other or from the door frame by more than 1mm". However I do not know whether such a requirement is general or only applicable to a particular setup.  My position  is a requirement for FD30's for an HMO.

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You are correct to raise misalignment as an issue as it would affect the door's performance in a fire. The amount of misalignment permissible varies from zero to very little depending on the core construction of the door. Generally speaking a tube-core construction fire door will have zero but a completely solid core will have some tolerance.

Ideally you would know who the manufacturer is and check their installation data sheet but in many cases the manufacturer is unknown. The following links are worth a look.......https://www.falconpp.co.uk/media/1155/14_flamebreak_fire_door_installation.pdf they allow 1mm and http://www.hazlin.com/images/Halspan-Optima-FD30-Specific-fitting-instructions.pdf again 1mm

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